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entertainment - soompi
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  • 04/26/06--13:40: Last Movie You Saw?
  • What was the last film you saw??

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    just thought i'd bring this thread back to life...

    so what book are you currently reading?


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  • 12/31/06--16:38: [online Games?]
  • Do you like online games or normal pc games?
    hmm...I was thinking to get your opinions on which you prefer?
    Online games or pc games???
    To say that I prefer online games bcuz you can play with alot of people...pc games though are pretti cool too...
    So which do you like better???

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    Please name some dramas or movies with a theme like this:

    1) A friend falls for someone but asks their friends not to fall for that same person. He/she dies and later on, one of the friends ends up falling for that same person and feels extremely guilty

    2) Two people fall in love but something happens and one of them dies. Years later, one person meets someone that looks just like their dead gf/bf and falls in love with that person

    It doesn't have to be exactly like this but similar to this. It could be falling for the relative of the deceased, a sibling, a twin or a friend and it doesn't have to be Asian dramas/movies only. It could be anything with these themes.

    Here's some that I've already seen or am watching with that theme:

    - Which Planet From Are From (Korean)
    - After School Bolbulbok (Korean)
    - Shut Up Flower Boy Band (Korean)
    - Summer Fever (Taiwanese)
    - Catch & Release (American movie)
    - Sud Sai Pan (Thai)
    - Ngao Jai (Thai)
    - Persevere Goo Hae Ra (Korean)
    - Someone Like You (Taiwanese)

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  • 01/15/15--10:51: Hong Kong C3 2015
  • During the year 2013, I when to C3 for the first time and here are some photos that I took back then, because I was sick back then I didn't take a lot of picture, and last year I didn't go because of some personal issue I don't wish to mention so please deal with me while I share some photo...

    This year I will be going, I hope I can film some good clips and make a video out of it, and if that doesn't happen a small photo shoot will be fine.


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    I just brought a kindle just for books so I"m looking for a book to read
    in my spare time since I have nothing to do so yeah.
    look forward to your perspective and insight

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  • 05/20/07--19:56: Favorite Flash Game?
  • What are your favorite flash games? ;P list them

    Mine is the McDonald's Video Game:

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    The game is a freenium 2D Koreran Action RPG platformer hybrid in the veins of Elsword and Odin Sphere. Its also made in Game Maker Studio so its nice to see the engine get some love in Korea. The game only has one type of IAP and you can earn it easily during gameplay. You have 3 character to play as: A long swordsman, a magician with a sword, and an archer. Also, you can play it offline, so you can play it while you are away with no wifi. The game is iOS 8 compatible in the latest update. I have played the Android version on my nVidia Shield Portable.

    My favorite character to use is Ellisa. Her skills are satisfying to perform and her animations made me fell in love with her. Her voice is also cute. She's also my main and I unlocked all her skills. You can see this video showing her fapworthy animations and sexy sprites: and this:

    Anyone still playing this game? and What are your thoughs so far?

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    There are lots of drama or live action movies based on manga, manhwa, or anime out there.

    I wonder if everyone have their favorites.

    For me, actually, If it comes from manga, I will be waiting for the anime. Because sometimes, i don't feel the same vibe when they turned it to live, such as drama or movies.
    But if i were to choose, I love Tokyo Love Story, Hana Yori Dango, Nodame Cantabile, Highschool Debut, Hana Kimi, and Casshern.


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    It could be any song.
    For meee. it would be in the club by 2NE1 becausee... I want to forget this guy so.. I totally understand the song.

    "Can you please take away all the promises you made?
    Even the petty habits, even the small memories
    I'll burning them all away
    I'm putting you, who lives in me, to sleep
    The image of me you knew up till now won't exist anymore

    In the club, tonight, for him
    In the club, I'll give him my everything
    In the club, just like the way you were with that girl
    I'll love easily

    In the club tonight, for him
    In the club, I'll give him my everything
    In the club, please embrace my painful scars too
    So that only for tonight, I'd be able to forget you"

    Hmmm.... also I hate love by Claude kelly, especially the part

    "I hate goodbyes, I hate these tears in my eyes, I hate myself for the way I feel about you everytime. I've had enough."

    Also Won't even start by David Choi!
    "So if I ever see you on the street
    I'll pretend that I didn't see and turn my face, no use in small talks anyways.
    Cause if I look at you into your eyes, then I'll have to say goodbye and that'll break my heart so... i won't even start."

    And also this song called Foon by Big Richard Simmons (uhhh hahaha i know funny name but theyre a thai band)

    "Where are you? I miss you
    This life, I probably can't meet you anymore, it ended, I understand.
    But what am I supposed to do? When my heart has only you"

    Let's share guys!

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  • 12/04/13--12:11: Favorite Christmas songs!!!
  • What are your favorite christmas songs to get you in the Holiday spirit?!

    Here are mine: 

    (1) image

    Nsync "All I want is you this Christmas" 

    (2) image

    Boyz II Men "Let it Snow"

    (3) image

    Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas is You"

    (4) image

    Mariah Carey "Miss you most at Christmas Time" 

    (5) image

    Luther Vandross "The Christmas Song" 

    (6) image

    Charlie Brown "Christmas Time Is Here" 

    Merry Christmas Y'all! 


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    This is a thread for those songs that always cheer you up,no matter how crappy your day was .

    I apologise if a thread like this alreay exists T^T

    mine are:

    baby I love your way-high mountain

    happy things- J rabbit

    Aruiteru-morning musume


    and sometimes SNSD's into the new world does it for me too.

    Let me hear yours~! ^o^


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  • 02/25/07--11:30: Movies Truly Worth Watching?
  • Shoot out recommendations for quality movies please. I've been too caught up on dramas... the last good movie I watched was Taegukgi. I'm looking for the best of any genre. If it's comedy, please let it be tears-in-your-eyes funny. If it's horror, it should be wet-your-pants scary. I also like having a good cry over melodrama. image Sypnoses would be nice too <3.(The movies don't have to be American.) Thanks~!

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  • 09/08/07--10:49: Cpop Vs. Kpop
  • This is an observation I've made. Lots of Chinese listens to KPOP but almost no Koreans listens to CPOP.

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    In the far east, who do you think makes the best movies: Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, mainland China, or Taiwan?

    And what are your reasons?

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    Let's post funny videos for the people who don't feel happy today.


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    Mr. Bean on a Holiday
    Mr. Bean on a Holiday is best Movie to watch

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  • 08/17/14--18:17: Moved: Your anime crush
  • This discussion has been moved.

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  • 02/20/13--03:41: Music from EX-YU region
  • Are you from EX-YU region and would like to share your music with us?

    You can post videos, lyrics and translations of your favorite EX-YU songs or write about your favorite artist and share the love with us.

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    This is 100% true. If you resourceful, you will know where to look. 

    The people behind the leaks are going to be leaking more episodes. Stay tuned..

    And no. These images aren't from the trailers.

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    Hey guys, I've really been into old-ish Chinese movies lately. It all started when I wanted to hear the original 'Tian Mi Mi' song that Luhan re-did and I ended up watching a movie from 1996 called 'Comrades, Almost a Love Story'. I've also got 'When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep' and 'Dear Enemy' in my queue. But I was wondering if anyone could give me some more recommendations? I like drama and romance movies, and anything with lots of action is out. Thanks for your help! (:

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    that put your emotions through the wringer..